Kidney bean salad

kidney bean salad


1 tin kidney beans, drained

1 sweet red pepper, middle removed and chopped

1 onion, chopped

½ cucumber, chopped

½ tin sweetcorn, drained

1tsp cumin

1tsp coriander

2tbsp balsamic, wine or cider vinegar

2tbsp olive oil

50-100g salad leaves of your choice, washed

Quick and easy kidney bean salad

Kidney beans are a good source of protein and fibre and they taste delicious cold as well as piping hot in a chilli non carne. I threw this kidney bean salad together one day when I fancied something beany for lunch and the rest of the family loved it, so it’s been a favourite ever since. This recipe serves four and it tastes great on its own or you can serve it with cous cous, rice or a baked potato.


Step 1 Place the kidney beans in a large bowl, then add the cumin and coriander and stir well. Next, add the vinegar and olive oil and mix together.

Step 2 Add the pepper, cucumber, onions and sweetcorn and stir gently, making sure everything is mixed well and evenly coated.

Step 3 Serve the bean salad onto plates along with salad leaves and any other accompaniments of your choice and enjoy.

Tips If you love spice, turn up the heat by adding a teaspoon of chilli flakes or a sliced fresh chilli. Chopped celery, tomatoes and avocadoes also go well in this salad and you can swap the kidney beans for cannellini beans, black beans, butter beans or chickpeas. A few sprigs of coriander make this extra tasty if you have some to hand.



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