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Sustainable and scrumptious vegan chocolate

Whether you’re vegan or dairy intolerant, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on heavenly chocolate treats. Here’s five fabulous chocolatiers who make vegan chocolate and strive to be sustainable and ethical towards the environment and their workers too.



Launched by the great-great-great grandchild of John Cadbury, H!P make creamy chocolate that uses oat milk instead of dairy. Two hundred years ago, the Cadbury family made one of the first milk chocolate bars and now James Cadbury has created a sustainable and indulgent vegan chocolate bar that comes in a number of flavours, including Salted Honeycomb, Cookies No Cream and Salted Caramel.

H!P’s cocoa comes from a family owned business in Bogota, Colombia and they make sure everyone involved in the growing and production of their vegan chocolate bars gets paid and treated fairly.



Happi produce vegan chocolate in chirpy packaging that’s sure to cheer you up, much like their tasty flavours, which include Plain White, Orange and White Raspberry. They make vegan Milk Chocolate Buttons too, which come in a fully recyclable bag.

All their chocolate is gluten and soya free and made with oat milk. They donate one per cent of their net sales to good causes and take care to ensure their supply chain is slave free so all their workers are treated ethically.


Raw Chocolate Company

These guys are so serious about sustainability that they’ll plant a tree every time you place an order over £30. The trees are grown in the same area of Peru where the Raw Chocolate Company obtain their cacao, which helps to lower their carbon footprint in the region. All workers in the supply chain are treated ethically and paid a fair wage too.

Their vegan organic chocolate is made from raw cacao that has been sun dried instead of heat treated and it comes in several flavours, including Vanoffee Hazelnut and Caffe Mocha. They also make Chocolate Buttons, Chocolate Almonds and Dark Chocolate Goji Berries.



All of Enjoy!’s vegan organic chocolate is certified by The Vegan Society and The Soil Association. It’s also free from 14 allergens, including soya and gluten, which is welcome news for those with allergies and food intolerances.

Their huge range of yummy goodies includes solid bars in flavours like Magical Mint, filled bars such as Opulent Orange and Velvety Vanilla and Giant Chocolate Buttons. They also make vegan fudge, caramel sweets and hot chocolate. Enjoy! are committed to using sustainable practices that benefit the environment and their growers and workers.


Seed and Bean

You’ll be spoilt for choice with Seed and Bean’s wide range of flavours, such as Chilli and Lime, Mandarin and Ginger, Sweet Orange and Thyme and Sicilian Hazelnut. Not all the range is vegan, especially the milk chocolate, but they do have a large number of clearly marked vegan chocolate bars.

Their packaging is fully compostable, even the foil, and all the ingredients are organic. Seed and Bean say they work with Fairtrade suppliers wherever possible and 16 of their bars are Fairtrade certified, which means all the workers in the supply chain are getting a fair deal.




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