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Be kind to the oceans with natural, eco laundry


Whether you use laundry liquids or powders, many popular brands are full of chemicals that are bad for the environment, our waterways – and you. Luckily, there are many eco washing powders and liquids on the market that don’t contain toxic ingedients such as phtlates or sodium lauryl sulfate. I’ve compiled a rundown of the best natural laundry detergents to save you time and they’re all vegan and cruelty free, so your conscience will be as clean as your clothes.



Smol’s eco laundry capsules are made from natural ingredients and they’re vegan and cruelty free. The washing pods and packaging are plastic free and you can get them delivered direct to your door. There are three types available: bio, non bio and fragrance free. Smol also sell eco fabric conditioner and they come in 100% recycled and recyclable bottles that can be returned for refills.



These natural laundry detergent liquids by Ecozone are available in bio or non bio and they make an intensive sports-wash product too. Ecozone also sell eco washing tablets, a natural stain remover and gorgeous smelling vegan fabric conditioners – the relaxing Radiance fragrance is my favourite. If you fancy ditching detergents altogether, you might want to give their laundry nuts or ecoballs a try.



I love Astonish’s Oxy Active Plus Stain Remover and it gets pasta-sauce stains out of my kids’ white school shirts every time. It’s available as a powder and spray and both are vegan, natural and cruelty free. Astonish also make a natural Laundry Cleanser, which kills 99.9% of bacteria, a Fabric Refresher and eco cleaning products for specialist fabrics.


The Bio D Lavender Fabric Conditioner is a favourite in the Planet Etica house and their eco fabric softener range also includes juniper and fragrance free. They sell the same fragrances in their cruelty-free laundry liquid range too. Bio-D also make vegan washing powder, an eco whitener bleach and Bio-D’s Nappy Fresh, which is an antibacterial and germicidal reusable nappy detergent that is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skins. The whole range is vegan, natural and cruelty free and the packaging is either plastic free or 100% recycled.


Good Housekeeping voted Splosh’s natural Laundry Detergent Non Bio as Britain’s best non bio laundry detergent. Their cruelty-free, vegan, natural range also includes eco bio detergent, value non bio, vegan laundry powder, fabric softener and an eco stain remover. As well as bottled laundry products, you can also buy refill pouches, which use less plastic and waste.



Bower Collective

Bower Collective’s refill pouches are available on their own or with a reusable PET bottle to pop them in and when you’re finished with your refills, you can send them back to Bower Collective for recycling. The laundry range includes lavender and fragrance-free laundry liquid and  fabric conditioners. All products are vegan, natural and cruelty free as well as being good for the planet.


You might have seen Homethings on Dragon’s Den, when Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones invested in their ingenious cleaning spray tabs. They’ve expanded their range to include more products since then, including the Laundrythings tabs. Like Smol’s pods, they come in plastic-free packaging and can be delivered straight to your door. Much easier than lugging big boxes home!

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