Vegan alternatives for everyday items


Five household items that aren’t vegan and suggestions for easy swaps


More than two million people are participating in Veganuary this year, as increasing climate concerns lead more people to switch to a plant-based diet. But did you know that animal products are used in many items around your home too?

Here are five everyday goods that aren’t vegan and suggestions for cruelty-free alternatives.


Shampoo and conditioner
Most shampoos and conditioners contain lechitin, which is sourced from animals. If you want to switch to vegan haircare, there are lots of amazing products on the market that will leave your hair looking fabulous. My favourites are by Faith in Nature and Lush, but Boots and Superdrug stock vegan shampoos and conditioners too.



Glycerin, which is derived from animal fats, is added to many toothpastes to stop them drying out. Colgate have launched a vegan range called Smile for Good, which also comes in recyclable packaging. The Co-operative, Tesco and Superdrug make own-brand vegan toothpastes and Peace With the Wild stock several vegan tooth tablets, powders and pastes. Look for ones that contain fluoride to keep your teeth shiny and clean.


Fabric softener
It might make your clothes smell lovely, but you’d be repulsed to know that most fabric conditioners contain dimethyl ammonium chloride. Or in plain English – animal fats. Smol, Ecover, Ecozone and Bower Collective all do gorgeous-smelling vegan fabric conditioners. You can get Smol and Bower Collective delivered to your door and the Ecover range is available in many supermarkets and Boots stores.



You might have noticed that some razors have a moisture strip to make shaving more comfortable, but did you know that these can contain glycerin, which comes from animal fat? If you’re looking for a vegan razor, I love FFS, Aphrodite Razors, King of Shaves and Estrid.


Plastic bags

We all know we shouldn’t use plastic bags because they’re bad for the planet, but here’s another reason to give them a miss – they contain chemicals called slipping agents, which are made from animal fats. Opt for reusable bags made from natural materials instead.


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